“Legends are best left as legends and attempts to make them real are rarely successful” ― Michael Moorcock, Elric of Melniboné

1-White Lady

The story of the “white lady”, everyone knows her. Little, I was told that it was a ghost woman, entirely dressed in white, who would appear at night on the sides of forest paths. The reality is different. The origin of this legend goes back to the Middle Ages and more precisely to the 14th century when it was said that a woman whose role was a messenger, appeared on the road to announce the death of a close individual in the 72 hours.

The modern version explains that a ghost of a woman would appear nights on the roadside, especially shortly before crossings or bridges to warn motorists of the danger. Some even dare to say that they would hear her scream “Watch out !”Before disappearing.

Another story explains that one day; a man took a young woman hitchhiker on the side of a road and when he took her home she died. So it would be “good” for all those who cross it not to vex her and therefore to take her in your car to not trigger her anger on you …