An Autonomous Race Car Runs at 200km/h In Berlin ePrix

Developed by Roborace, the futuristic car will soon be able to compete with the biggest!

A few months ago, the Roborace team’s autonomous and electric racing car made its debut on the Silverstone circuit in the UK. Today, the DevBot has come a long way and what was just a prototype has become a definitive version today.


Launched on the Berlin ePrix circuit, the car makes a high-speed-mode ride and drives over 200km / h. The interior of the cockpit is finally unveiled and although the AI ​​is not at the level of a human champion, the DevBot remains very surprising and gives good hopes for the sequel. Ultimately, the team working on it would like the machine to be able to reach the 320km / h while still mastering the trajectories even better.

Written by zdstream

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