Is There Life After Death? Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms

life after death exists

Paradise, the Beyond, Nirvana, or whatever name is given to it. Do you belive in it? Is there really a life after death? Some people think so, but others consider such allegations to be unfounded. However, a neurosurgeon from Harvard University who confirms that there is a life after death.

 This question has always been one of the most divisive debates between religious and materialist. What follows is the personal experiences of Dr. Eben Alexander of Harvard University.

Before his experiments, he did not believe in life after death. Evolving in a purely scientific environment, and being surrounded by physician colleagues firmly convinced of the material perspective of the universe, the idea of ​​a soul seemed to him bizarre. But after a severe bacterial meningitis that plunged him into a coma for a week, Dr. Alexander radically changed his mind.

The experiences of imminent death are often heard. But with a sceptical mind, one can always wonder if such stories are really real or they are based on pure plot.

Dr. Alexander reports doing during his coma, in what he believes to be the afterlife. He says he visited celestial spaces and other less heavenly places. This is the kind of story we often see in paranormal storytelling. But coming from a high-level scientist, this is changing common stories.

After “finding his body” and returning from a slow death, the neurosurgeon wrote a book that became a bestseller: “The Proof of Heaven.” as a parapsychologist, he affirms that life on earth is only a trial whose aim is to help our souls to evolve. The best way to achieve this is to live with love and compassion. We may think listening to a purely religious person, but he is a scientist!

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