When Irma Makes The Ocean Disappear!

“Yes, a dark time passed over this land, but now there is something like light.”

Hurricane Irma has devastated so much in its path that it has even made the ocean “disappeared” n on Long Island Beach in the Bahamas.

“But where’s the ocean?” Asks a passer-by who plays a desert beach on Long Island. On the filmed images, one has the impression that the sea has disappeared, absorbed by the hurricane.

Angela Fritz, an atmospheric scientist who works for the Washington Post, explains that the phenomenon is genuine but extremely rare. It occurs only during the most violent hurricanes. “The storm is so strong that it is capable of changing the shape of the ocean,” she says. “Hurricane Irma is so powerful and the pressure so low, especially in the eye of the cyclone, that it absorbs water in its center.”

However, there is no fear of a tsunami, as it can be when the water suddenly withdraws. “The water will come back, but not in a powerful and devastating way,” says Fritz. Nevertheless, the images are impressive.

Written by zdstream

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