Nasa Unveils An “invisible” Threat That Hangs Around Our Planet

Pollution intensifies far beyond imaginable and sustainable development is not just about the land. If our dear planet has not been spared, it seems that space either. Today, experts are warning the public about this invisible danger.

“150 million debris of more than one millimeter and 5,000 debris more than one meter.” Among the space debris, there are rocket remains, dead satellites or metallic parts, astronaut’s frozen urine, which dates back to the time when the spaceships did not recycle the water they were carrying and thrown a little overboard.

“In 2007, in particular, the Chinese launched a missile on one of their satellites, just to show that they were able to do so.” The satellite exploded, resulting in nearly 4,000 space debris scattered in space, debris that could destroy the International Space Station and its crew, which can threaten the survival of satellites in orbit, “Nicolas Chateauneuf.

Only 5 countries monitor space debris:

These countries are the United States, Russia, China, Japan and France. A figure horribly low at the time when Les Echos evoke the 5,250 space missions that have taken place to date. They explain that “these spacecraft debris currently gravitate around the Earth at an average speed of 40,000 km / h, fast enough to give the smallest of them kinetic energy equivalent to the explosion of a hand grenade . “

Not reassuring all that ...


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