With This Trick, Mcdonald’s Gives Us Less Chips With Each Meal!

If you feel that McDonald’s messes up with the amount of potatoes they offer you, there may be a reason behind that.

Two former anonymous employees who worked for McDonald’s claimed that their manager had taught them how to put a smaller amount of fries before delivering them to customers. Their confessions came as a response to a Reddit question, “What did your job force you to hide from customers?”

“I used to work for McDonald’s and they taught me how to squeeze the package while I put the fries in it, so it looks full, but it’s not,” said one Reddit user.

He confirmed that one customer discovered this. He turned the potato upside down in his bag and then brought it back inside the box itself. Only half of it was filled, so I had to give him more, I was embarrassed. Seven years after, I still remember his face.

This answer was supported by someone else, as he replied

“I hated doing it, so I refused to do it.” I was never fired from my job, but some customers asked me about my time because they knew that I gave them more then my colleagues”