Try These 10 Simple Steps To Break Bad Habits And Take Back Control

I had always been fallen into a very dangerous loop. I was doing it too much. It was so easy to come up with justifications about checking my phone constantly — especially that I work on a newsletter I have always been searching and collecting valuable information around the world. So I decided to do something about it. I didn’t have to take a “digital detox” and completely abandon social media for a while because this is a temporary treatment than an actual solution. We may feel better for a couple days, but once we return from the detox, everything else would have gone back to “normal” — and normal wasn’t working for me. I set out to change my phone habits and hade to create some simple rules to limit the negative (and for sure amplify the positive) impacts of using my phone. I came up with these 10 that made a huge difference in how often I check my phone, what I get out of it, and how I really feel about it.

1. I Took The Decision To Not Use The Phone In My Car


I never checked my phone while driving — it’s not safe (and you should definitely not whether you try out these 10 rules or not), but with this rule I also outlawed checking it at stoplights, while the traffic is heavy, or any time other time spent in my car. I found out that I was checking my phone in the car too much, for unnecessary reasons, and made things like sitting in traffic more frustrating than they might be.