The Way You Sleep Says Everything About Your Personality!

Discover what others can know about you, just by watching you sleep.

We all have a way of sleeping . On the stomach or back, sideways or flat, some of us can not fall asleep otherwise than in this position: this is the one we naturally take by slipping under our sheets and immediately provides a sigh of comfort and ease. Discover what others can know about you, just by watching you sleep.

1. The emotional position

This position, on the side with the arms stretched forward indicates that despite a judgment a little fast and an attitude sometimes a little too limited, you adapt rather well to everyday situations.

2. the starfish

this is by far the least preferred position. Sleepers in this style lie on their backs with their legs stretched out, and their arms stretch up by their head. People who prefer this unconventional style are very loyal friends, and make their friends a huge priority in their lives. They love hearing the problems of others, and go out their way to help when they can.

3. On the side

Are you sleeping on the side with your arms extended along your body? It seems like you are somewhat balanced congratulations! Your nature is rather simplicity and relaxation as a rule. You are reasonable in your relationships with others and everyone appreciates your company and your judgment.

4. The Soldier’s Position

Are you sleeping on your back with arms extended along the body? You are someone posed and stable in your emotions, so much the better! Zen attitude is part of your habits, but for all that you are particularly demanding towards yourself. Friendship is also important to you, but your loved ones are counted on the fingers of one hand.

5. The free fall position

You sleep on your stomach with your arms under the pillow because you are the most friendly and pleasant person of all your entourage. Yet you do not have to tickle yourself too much because a slight lack of confidence in you can quickly turn you into a person susceptible and irritable at will.

6. The fetus position 

The fetus position is a one of the most popular among people. This position is defined by a person who sleeps on their side with their legs curled up. Seems an uncomfortable position to some, but it happens to be a fairly comfortable sleep style for the majority of people. Those who sleep this way are described as having a tough exterior, but on the inside they are very shy and sensitive.

Written by zdstream

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